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sunday, december 26, 2004

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2 days till my baby comes!

we don't have a whole heck of a lot planned, really, and anything that costs money will have to come out of linnorm's pocket at this point, but god will it be good to see and hold my girl again!

my baby's coming!

6 days till i get to use my vagner layout! ;)

no peeking allowed. good thing it's not in the usual directory. ;)

tomorrow i need to call our bank. i've received an email telling me that there may be a problem with my online banking account and if i don't login and verify my info, they could suspend my account. after the paypal and ebay scams (neither of which i fell into), and with the info the page i click to go to asks for, i'm going to call and verify this email before i do anything. my account is already in enough trouble. i certainly don't need another pair of mystery hands playing around in it. especially right now when the "charge for what you need regardless" thing of the last few weeks is catching up with us. and in our online bank, going under literally turns the numbers red. at any rate, anything that asks for my debit card number and pin always catches my attention in a negative way.

really, i didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday. i was pushed. last week.

the cats didn't watch the movie with us last night, as mentioned before, but they chose to sleep with saxy and i for the first time in ages. well, i should say ororo chose to actually sleep with us for the first time in ages. since i started working, vagner has been a rather needy kitty and begging for attention and falling asleep beside me. but ororo is a sleep on the headrest cat, or has been for some time now. last night she was a sleep on mommy's pillow so there's no room for mommy kitty. while i was sitting and playing ffx for the 15th time, for a time there i was sandwiched between them - her right up next to me and him at my feet. when i decided it was time to lay down and read a bit, she decided it was too crowded and left. she was quite offended too, though there was no surprise there. i always manage to offend her royal highness, even when i'm trying to be nice. she just doesn't like me. i think it has something to do with the attention her man, my husband, gives me.

right now she's relaxing on the dog's bed. this is her house after all.

the kids are busily cleaning, for the most part. froggy is pretty much done with her chores. taz, well, he takes constant supervision to get his few things done. jewel is doing finish up, i gather. once it's all done we have to somehow keep it all clean for 2 days. might work for most of the house, but the girls seem to have a problem keeping their room from being a major disaster. and taz would rather let things fall where they may than put them away. i think that may be a normal boy thing. maybe.

how much they actually get done, however, may be dependent on how much bickering they do - and they seem to be doing quite a bit this morning. jewel is in that bossy stage, and, of course, froggy takes issue with that. right now, froggy is practicing the bossy thing on taz while she helps him with his room.

lately something weird is going on with my firefox browser. i click a link and the first time i get a "can't be found" message. i click again and it does fine. this started before the weirdo crash of yesterday. it's not majorly annoying, but it can be a little frustrating when i have to click every link on a page twice.

uh oh, the roro woke up. she's now being a wild kitty which includes attacking and tearing up cardboard boxes, bopping the vagner, racing up and down the stairs, and chasing daddy and the ribbon he's dangling. vagner will likely soon follow suit. especially since daddy just tossed him at her . . . and they're off!

have you ever tried to get writing done (which is my to do plan for the day - typing up a stack of stuff that needs typing and working on new stuff) when your cats are being nuts all around you?

another normal day at our house. well, normal for when everyone is home, at any rate. i'd imagine it's pretty quiet when we're working.

*looks at cats who are now resting after their racing, biting, jumping on each other spree*

then again . . . .

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