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thursday, july 1, 2004

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as usual, little glitches keep coming up, but, fortunately, we're finding solutions almost as fast. the most recent glitch is cashing a check from a northern cali bank. first bank wouldn't cash it because we were closing the account. second bank wanted to put a 2 day hold on it, making the funds available, basically, tuesday. the bank it was actually drawn on (different branch) would need to get a copy of the signer's signature card and would have that, at earliest, tomorrow, assuming no glitches (which i'm unwilling to risk). so, i'm depositing it in the second bank and writing a check to linnorm, and he can write a check to uhaul for the final amount. of course, his account was overdrawn yet again and i had to give him money to cover that too, but he'll repay us either tomorrow or when he sends the child support.

i swear that man has got to get a handle on his account.

and i seriously hope the $465 i have is enough for gas to get across country. what a freaking nightmare.

anyway, beyond that, there's little left to do. a little final packing. i'll be setting up the electricity at the new place later today (tried this morning and whatever it is they use to take credit cards is down). later today the hud people come and inspect the apartment. tomorrow i call all the current utility people and set up disconnections for sunday or monday. other than picking up the can and uhaul, and loading the uhaul tomorrow, that's pretty much it.

saxy and kitten or going out to a movie for one last time (her treat!), then, when they get back, we disconnect the computers. yes, i will be going nuts. :P

so, my next entry here will be from georgia. but watch for my "we've arrived!" announcement at dreaming. ;)

see you soon!

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