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saturday, may 29, 2004

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i actually intended to write yesterday, but i was too tired. yesterday was a long day. it should have been longer, but by the time we got done with all the animal stuff, i was already too late for my second appointment of the day and opted not to go. not like i really wanted to see the obgyn for the second time in 3 months anyway.

i did get to see my neurologists. it wasn't any big deal - was in and out of the office in maybe 10 minutes. but i'm required to see her once a year at the very least, especially since the medication i'm on is, essentially, speed and therefor very addictive. she has to make sure the medication is working well, that i don't need to be switched to a new med or have the dosage changed, and so on. she did ask me if it was helping, and i said yes - that i can focus more, but i couldn't be more specific than that. i finally told her that friends can tell when i'm not on it, or so they tell me, and she seemed satisfied with that. she also had no problems with me cutting the dose by half a pill (15 mgs instead of 20) or with me not taking it every now and then. probably good signs i'm not addicted and therefor not a problem. the higher dose makes me more wired and since the idea is for the medication to help me, reducing the dose isn't much of an issue. at least she's aware that patients sometimes have a better idea of what's going on than doctors (unlike my previous neurologist who tended to brush off anything i said).

after that we came back to the house and picked up the dog and cats for the vet. i am now happy that ororo is going to be in the truck with saxy. that cat would not shut up, so the first part of the trip had the two cats yowling in 2 part harmony. loudly in two part harmony. vagner eventually settled down, but roro never did. she cried through the whole rest of the day until we got home and let her out of the carrier. at the vet, neither cat wanted out of the crate (which i thought was pretty amusing since they both wanted out of the crates just 2 seconds ago, lol). kitten had to hold the crates while i pulled the cat out when the vet was ready to see them. i ended up having to hold roro in my arms when she was being checked. vagner got out of the crate and laid down on the table - he wasn't going to go anywhere. lol

4 shots for the dog, 2 shots for the cats (1 each), 3 checkups, 3 "frontline" packages, and $94 later, we were on our way to the humane society to get the cats microchipped. i knew we were in trouble the minute we walked in - the place was packed. tiny room with far too many people plus their animals in it. we were told it would be a 20 minute wait. try 40 minutes. *sigh* again we had the crate fight, and roro was again pretty disagreeable about being held. not that i blame her much this time - i had to hold her head and shoulders while the chip was implanted in the back of her neck. that's actually kind of scary with her. she has incredibly strong back legs and is capable of jumping 3 feet straight up from a sitting still position. it's a trait of the manx, i gather. vagner came out and laid down like he did at the vet. lol, really, he is so funny. chipping cost $70. by the time we left, i was already supposed to be in at the doctor, so i decided against going in late. cats and i just sort of vegged out when we got in . . . and they made sure to take extremely long naps away from any people. lol

then i get a frantic call from oldest. it seems someone sent out a nasty "fuck you" email to over 100 students and teachers from her school and made it look like it came from her. this was the third in a series of mean nasty emails that had been sent out recently, and this time the campus police have been brought into it. the campus police have all the power of "real" police, so this is very serious. i had her friend forward the emails to me so i could contact my host about it. their response is that it looked legit - the headers all appear to have come from our computer.

which, actually, is a problem.

kitten is living with dad right now, not here. her email program and all her other files that were on saxy's pc were removed when she moved - so they haven't been on his hard drive in 2 or 3 weeks. and the emails were sent at 7 a.m. on thursday, a day when she wasn't even here for a visit, much less here on the computer. in fact, at 7 in the morning, she's not even home, she's at school. granted, she could have been on a pc at school, but i seriously doubt they have the same isp. even if she were at home, dad doesn't have the same service provider and she's been having problems accessing her email from his place. so even if the emails weren't so off to begin with (they are formatted in a way she would never write - they sound nothing like her), there's no way she could have written them.

people who know about this kind of thing have assured me that it is quite possible for a good hacker to forge the headers so they don't appear fake, or to have somehow gotten into our machines and used them to send the emails in some way. we've updated our virus defs and run a virus scan and both machines are clean. so sometime this week, her father and i need to go talk to the principle and let him know that it wasn't, and couldn't have been, her. from there, i don't know what happens.

by the end of all that, i was pretty beat. took me forever to get up any energy to work on the revisions i had planned for the evening. and then i gave up. 4 hours to revise 3 pages was just too much. i pretty much got the clue that i needed to be in bed. i'm glad we didn;t make it to the obgyn. the day was exhausting enough as it was.

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