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wednesday, may 26, 2004

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it's been quiet. i'd say almost like the quiet before the storm except it doesn't have that feel to it. it's just been . . quiet. the kids spent the weekend with dad, today froggy went back to school. we haven't been doing much packing since most of the stuff not currently in a box is stuff we use. no new crises to deal with, no new blockades to the move. nothing. even the bickering between the kids has settled to a dull roar for once. even the forum has been insanely quiet, although that may have to do with having to reinstall it with new software and a url change more than anything. heck, even dii has been quiet, almost dead in fact!

i just hope this doesn't mean that a storm is indeed on the horizon!

well, can't say that exactly. the move will be crazy as it gets closer to the day, but hopefully it will be a more controlled crazy than a totally chaotic crazy. our furniture sale add should go into the green sheet tomorrow so maybe we'll finally get calls other than from bill collectors. we've set the dates for the yard sales (and are hoping we sell everything), and i've told oldest to not plan anything for june since she's going to be here for the weekends. this meant she had to reschedule a party for the dance company seniors, but she was told when she moved into dad's to plan on being here on weekends till we left anyway. (you'd think not being able to see her mama every day in about a month would have her here as much as possible anyway, but that's not been the case.)

friday i see my neurologist (adhd) and obgyn (i don't know why, maybe my regular doctor made that appointment for me), we take the animals all to the vet at once, and then the cats to the humane society to be chipped. by the time we're done with that i won't want to be doing much.

and then a little quiet is going to be good.

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