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wednesday, march 10, 2004

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so, after quite a discussion, saxy and i have committed to this move. we're giving up on cali entirely and focusing all our energies on getting to georgia. it's just pointless to keep looking out here where anything we'd get would be pathetic in comparison, particularly taking into account the cost of living out here. this is scary, exciting, and nerve wracking. i'm sure to forget something. we're making a "big move" list, but never having done this before, i'm not completely sure what needs to go on the list. check out what i wrote in dreaming and add your suggestions in the comments if you have a clue - i need all the help i can get, really!

my head is spinning. lol

in other news, remember the redesign dilemma? it's solved. it should be up by the end of the day, i hope. ;) some things will change, some things will be removed, some things will be moved, and some things will stay the same. dominodesigns will disappear as it is and will become "downloads." my personal bio will be moving. my writings and whysper will remain in the same place, other stuff is moving. the fan listings collective, the dragon's eye, will get a redesign but will remain where it is.

at any rate, the new design is very different for me, but i like it. the colors are more vibrant. the layout is a little different for the main domain. but i like it a lot. i've had the pastels for about 2 years now, and pretty much the same design for that long. it's definitely time for a change, so be watching for it. ;)

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