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saturday, november 1, 2003

so, now that things are calming down and the stress reaction is hitting in an entirely different way, not only am i sleeping again, it seems to be just about all this poor body wants to do. so far i've slept a day and a half since thursday. well, maybe just a little less. still, after basically passing out all day on thursday, i was awake for about 4 or 5 hours, then went to bed. i woke up early friday, only to go back to bed about 3:30 and sleep another 3 hours.

i know i said i needed sleep, but this is ridiculous. it's just a bit much. and it interferes with everything from favorite tv shows, to time with the family, to my writing. it's truly annoying!

and getting up at 7 am? oh please! the world doesn't start turning 'til at least ten! 7 is just way too early for me. coherency goes right out the window, that is if anyone was actually online to talk to. early morning is like my late nights--i'm just about the only one up, at least according to my messengers. granted, there are names on there, but they're all away.

i'm sitting here at almost 5 am, yawning my jaw off, but too energetic to sleep. have stuff to do, yes i do, LOTS of stuff to do. and i have another one of my lovely storm headaches. but i won't bitch about it too much seeing how the storm is being most helpful down here in socal. to save a few acres, a few lives, a few homes, ill put up with a storm headache.

besides, i have motrin 800s, given for the sinus infection i was hit with last week. those things are almost as good as demerol, not quite, but almost. and they're definitely good enough for a sinus headache.

let's see, in about 5 hours i'll be off to buy some more ink. guess i might as well stay up till then since i have plans to get some things done before i finally hit the hay anyway. i'll nap when i get back. another all nighter, great. you'd think the last day and a half would have turned my schedule back to where it should be rather than twisting it up even more.

. . . .

man, it's nice to be bitching about something other than the fires.

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