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littles and furries
thursday, august 7, 2003

things sometimes change tooo quickly in this house. as of yesterday there will be no little toddler running around - she found family help. saxy is relieved. i was looking forward to the little bit of extra money. however, as i've not had a toddler in years, it's probably for the best. especially since our home isn't exactly childproofed and i have no way to get it that way. so, it's all probably for the best, although i wonder how saxy can want a baby and yet not want me to watch a toddler when i'd be paid for it.

and men call us inconsistent.

the littles we do have in our house are of the furry sort and one of them is driving me a bit batty. i do not get my kitten, vagner. i love him to death and he's wonderfully affectionate, but he's also very strange. he plays in water and will get everything and everyone, including himself, soaked. he sits fascinated by a faucet for hours. all this water play and he runs when he gets squirted with a squirt bottle.

oh, wait, he's male. Inconsistency works for him.

he's also been trying to get into ro's hair ball medicine, which explicitly states it's not for kittens under 1 year old. vagner is maybe 3 months. the other night i heard him dragging something around in the kitchen and went to find he had dragged the package of medicine off the microwave. i took it away and put it on the fridge. a few minutes later i heard a similar noise and went to find he had grabbed a package of toilet paper with 12 rolls left in it from the bathroom door into the kitchen.

he's not a cat, he's an oversized ant.

and a dog. the beastie plays fetch. honest.

he's gotten so big, like he's trying to make up for being nothing more than a puffball when we got him. he's taken to sleeping on my pillow by my head at night since he can't fit under the dresser any more. the way he's growing , he will BE my pillow in a few months. course, this is when he actually decides to sleep. usually i go to bed and he attacks ro and we get to hear them racing through the house all night.

ever try sleeping through a couple of running elephants?

we hope to soon make my little monster legal. he gets fixed next week. now we just have to come up with the pet deposit. that may take awhile.

our other furry, gypsy, has completely become a lazy dog rather than a working dog. well, that's not totally true. we're walking 2 or 3 times a week now, but i have taz doing the primary commands. i think the transition is messing her up a bit. he's not as firm and as sure as we are, so she tries to get away with more. we're going to spend a few days in the back going back to basic commands for a bit i think. they both have to get used to each other and taz has got to learn he's the boss. kinda.

you can only be the boss so much when mom is following behind holding onto the emergency leash.

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