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sunday, june 22, 2003

i've been trying to get my .net domain moved for about a week now. the old host seems inclined to be disagreeable about it and has not removed the files from their server or purged the dns from their system. in fact, i still get email only about half the time for the same reason: after a month of being elsewhere, the dns still exists somewhere on the old host's system.

i am a very unhappy camper.

a domain transfer should not take a week, and it most definitelyshould not take a month for the email to clear - especially when the domain was supposedly closed for a year before that.

don't get me wrong, a lot of people are getting the new server. but until I get the new server, several of the journals hosted there can't be put back online. i have to reach the new server to make sure the configurations and all that work. i can't set up the email lists that were there. i can't even collect mail there except by going through my cp (not that that's a big deal - most of what i was getting was spam). it's weird to get maybe half a dozen emails instead of . . . well, lots.

i haven't been silent about it either. i just sent my third email about this today, but it seems tech support for previous customers is even worse than for current customers. and current customers weren't getting a whole heck of a lot of support in recent months. this is why i left (which i've mentioned before). but now i can't even leave! i'm not paying for space, but i can't get to my new server either. and, according to others in the biz, doing what i'm asking isn't that hard. so what's the deal?

if these guys are trying to seal their new reputation as a shoddy web server, they are doing quite nicely.

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