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friday, january 24, 2003

yea, i sorta disappeared this week. i had to move 3 domains, work on a board for one of those domains, and am still in the process reworking and setting up the third for easy updating. plus i have a 4th that i need to develop. my brain is frying on html and cgi. was easy. i pretty much had to rework the cgi for the greymatter journals (all 4 of them). the biggest issue was figuring the time difference, and they are still about 15-20 minutes off but my hostess has no idea why. she's been trying to figure out what's up with the time of her server for ages now. lol i did lose a few expressions sites and maybe a couple of sister 2 sister sites (as well as at least one special k site) from the ring files, as well as the entries previously mentioned, but the site is otherwise in great shape for the abuse it's been through. was also fairly easy to move. there was a bit of a glitch in the transfer, but it still only took a few days for the transfer to take affect. then i spent 2 days on installing a new board on the domain itself, a feat i'm actually quite proud of. i had tried to install the same board on the .com when i was with a different host and it just would not install correctly. this time went smoothly, i just have to let another member, our board goddess, work with the css. i am still doing a bit of tweaking here and there, but mostly now i'm trying to get the remaining stragglers from the old board to register for the new. i'll be deleting the board this afternoon sometime, so they will soon either have to register for the new board or resign from the group. there's a couple i'm a bit worried about and i hope they are well and will make it to the new board. or at least contact me to let me know they are still alive.

my current project is my husband's site, which is now transferring to his site was a mess before we had to move it with most of it off-line or in such a state of confusion that it was pretty hopeless. i am not only moving the site, but doing a bit of reorganization and installing greymatter to make certain sections of the site easier to update. yes, this one will take awhile, especially since i am doing a small section a day to keep my sanity and allow myself time to write.

and somewhere along the way i need to find time to create graphics for and to set up site number 4. this is a site helping to pay for gypsy's training as it's going to be her trainer's business site. it too is located on the .net as a subdomain. it wouldn't be a big deal if i didn't have to do the graphics, but nether she nor i can afford the license for a commercial site.

and in the middle of all this i am trying to find time to write, revise, critique, and work on lesson plans. after this last week, i've discovered i i actuallyneed to write. if i don't, it doesn't matter what else is pressing - i won't do it. motivation and discipline go right out the window. add to this that reading for the awards started yesterday and you can just imagine how crazy it's getting time wise. there aren't as many entries as i expected, but i still only made it through maybe 1/3 the entry awards submissions.

it's no wonder i occasionally sit in front of the computer screen gazing at it blankly. with everything i'm doing and thinking about, the mush needs some time to stir.

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