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tis my season
saturday, october 26, 2002

one way to stop an amorous husband is to have an asthma attack. it truly dampens the mood when your partner is frantically searching for the albuterol so she can breathe again.

yes, this morning i was awakened by my annual wheeze.

i really should have known this was going to happen. every day for the last week or so has started with that nasty fog/mist soup we get rather consistently in the fall, and it's been rather chilly. yesterday it rained and the news predicted more rain for today. just the perfect conditions for my asthma: cold and damp.

just the wonderfully misty mornings should have been warning enough and i should have started my azmacort earlier this week. i just hate taking meds and going around feeling like a walking pharmacy. being broke doesn't help either. i take my meds only when i really need them because i can't afford to buy them every 45 days so i can take them year round. that's $90 in co-pays every time i refill all of them. you learn to make due without and take only when absolutely necessary. it's cheaper that way. not healthy, but cheaper.

i'm waiting for the tolerance to build up and for none of this stuff to work any more.

so anyway, as of this morning i'm back on the azmacort. been back on the flonase for a good 2 weeks. not consistent with it yet, but working on it. and i do these two out of the half dozen prescriptions i have because i like breathing. my ulcer seems fairly under control and i can deal with the distractions of the adhd (don't like it, but i can deal with it), but i really like breathing. and i hate hospitals and breathing treatments. the asthma meds make me shake enough sometimes, the breathing treatments make it impossible for me to do anything with my hands.

nasty storm headaches which are going to increase as the fall and winter progress and asthma. plus rain. i hate getting cold and wet. definitely my season. any wonder i hate this time of year?

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