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saturday, september 14, 2002

early next month saxy heads off to wisconsin. there are jobs there and a lower cost of living.

so why am i suddenly having second thoughts? why the nerves now?

we'll be starting practically from scratch. most of our furniture will be sold of and replaced. we can't afford a big truck or shipping costs and a lot of the furniture is just not worth the risk of bringing little critters with us.

i keep telling myself it will be ok. there's jobs out there. rents are lower. utilities are lower. the schools are better. the neighborhoods are safer.

but somewhere inside i worry it will be another failure. once more i will have tried something that will completely fail to take care of my kids. only this time i won't know the services and won't have any friends nearby.

i can't let irrational fear control our decision about this. the facts are what helped us decide this leap was worth the chance.

but i hope god is listening when i pray for it all to work out.

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