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thursday, july 25, 2002

there is a cbest test august 3.

last year, they had no august dates, to my knowledge. so this year, i assumed there would be no august dates. i visited the site the other day and they had an august 3 testing date. because i just found out about it, i have to pay extra to register. and i have to pay by the 30th of this month. if i don't, the next test date isn't until october.

without this test, i can't sub or go on to get my teaching credential. without this test, my english degree is worthless. all my plans for catching us up hinge on this test.

and i'm broke. i mean...way broke. in the red broke. so broke i can't even pay attention.

the ex is going to see if he can advance us an extra $60 and just take it out of next months child support. i hope he can. without it i can't pay for the test. if i can't pay for the test, i don't work.

i probably should have been watching for test dates. but i really thought there wouldn't be a test until september. so all i can do now is hope this all works out.

send some good thoughts, prayers, and good karma our way.

and remind me to crack open the math book again while you're at it.

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