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no, really. . .
monday, july 22, 2002

honestly, i'm still alive. i didn't drop off the edge of the earth, fall into a black hole, or get shot (a legitimate concern in our neighborhood). our electricity still works, i'm not hospitalized, we didn't move. i'm alive and reasonably well.

my website took a nose dive for about a week there, but we're all fine here.

first my cgi-bin died. i mean, just completely blew up and died. it existed, i could get into what i wanted to (well, for the mail end of things, i got to the opening page), but after wouldn't do what i wanted to do and entire pages turned up blank. two days later, after little to no response from the host techs (they apparently don't work weekends), i moved the site to a new server. the new hosts gave me name servers and ip numbers, i used the ip numbers and nothing switched the way it was supposed to. contact the new host a few days later and am told, you have to use the name servers. ok, couldn't they have said that and not given out the ip numbers at all? once the dns stuff got corrected, we came back online reasonably quickly. i've spent the last week putting pieces of the site up at a time because quite a bit of it has been getting a mild face lift. most of it's up now, along with some parts that have been down for awhile, including DominoDesigns.

there is a lot going on in r.l. that i need to sort out before i can really write about it. some days i think my brain is going to explode with too much information. other days, well most days, i sleep it off. right now my sleeping schedule is completely out of whack. i'm up all night and sleeping all freaking day long. this will not work when i start working in sept. if i start working in sept.

yes, really, i'm alive. but that doesn't mean i don't have issues. one of the first i need to deal with is getting my adhd meds. this scatterbrained distractability is driving me nuts.

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