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"sticker shock"
tuesday, april 2, 2002

i just spent the day over spending. not purposely over spending, mind you, but most definitely waaay over spending. but i've also learned at least one thing: do not shop for supplies at office depot, staples is definitely cheaper. the ink packs for our printers cost a total of at least $20 more at office depot. the ink cost over $100 all by itself. i mean, i buy in bulk and i buy quite a bit at a time, but...woaw. and the rest of my supplies for both school and writing was nearly $300 - $100 more than i intended to spend.

then i go and order my ring . . . and basically had a heart attack. i was figuring $250 for the ring, maybe $300 total with shipping and handling and all that stuff. WRONG. $422 total. *groan* this was the cheapest (not even a full 14k) gold they had. the silver was cheaper, but . . . yuck! very dull as it's not even real silver. i earned this ring, i've worked damn hard for it, but i wonder if i really earned it quite that much.

and saxy thought he had it bad when he found the chicken prices were almost double the last time he went grocery shopping.

i haven't even gotten to my books yet. (the joys of writing journal entries in class.)

the long and short of it, even paying for my books out of my checking account, i am at least $200 short on my credit card for my mfa tickets. i phoned saxy on the cell and warned him we're still going to be broke. i have to put an extra $100 on the card over the next 2 months to afford my plane tickets. there's no buffer for when i'm in vermont, this will just get me there.

and saxy wonders why he has to keep reassuring me about the mfa program.

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