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monday, april 2, 2001
come backs

come backs can be wonderful things. and i have good news and the best news, both relating to come backs. but of course i can't just tell you out right. that would be so un-domy-like. so be prepared for . . . background. (yes, very odd mood, feeling pretty good actually.)

whysper has been a very good place for me as a journal. and i am very proud that i have managed to actually keep it up for 9 or 10 months now. for awhile there, it has been the only thing i really had in me to write about. then a certain someone got me into full time writing again (for the first time in years), along with the help of a few other friends who seem to think i can write. since then things have been "bubbling up", so to speak. most of those bubbles have places they can go, usually in eloquence somewhere. the bigger, themed bubbles usually land here in whysper like they should. but then there are these tiny bubbles that don't fit here in whysper or in eloquence. these have generally been ignored.

but lately i have been getting this little itch. it's a little itch i have been ignoring as the last time i paid attention i just plain ran out of time. then last night it struck me: the huge projects i had that had been eating up my time are primarily gone. oh i have other projects in their place, but in general the new projects are less time consuming and much less inclined to have deadlines (other than school that is). so i decide it was time for a come back. i need a place to put my little blurbs when i can ("when i can" being the operative phrase). so i decided to reopen me at midnight. for all those who hated to see it close and even more for all those who never changed their links. ;)

my other come back is truly an exciting thing to me. i went into uni hoping i could scrape by with b's. my confidence was extremely boosted when i aced all my midterms, then i went frantic with all those papers and i wondered if i would even survive the quarter much less get decent grades. somehow i survived, although the aftermath was being sick for my entire break. heck, all i managed during break was to get up and check mail pretty much. i did some stuff on the lap top, but not as much as i had hoped. as a result i didn't worry much about grades. pretty much slept, hacked and wheezed my way through the week. i was just grateful i had survived and had learned some important things about management for this quarter. it wouldn't have mattered is i HAD worried about it, they weren't available until today anyway.

so here is the bestest news:

my communications class (with the way late paper that i was up for 3 days writing and was pretty dang sure was completely incoherent): a-

language acquisition: a

my impossible mythology class: a

and, btw, the uni doesn't give a+'s. doesn't this sooooooooooooooo ROCK!? and that paper so many wonderful people helped me with? an a! she is rereading it because she was able to grade it but not make comments, and i LOVE comments on my papers. but i thank all of you who participated in my crazy survey! without you i could not have done it.

and another note about uni. so far this quarter looks good! today was the first day of classes and i am very comfortable with my monday/wednesday/friday schedule. i have decided that if the shakespeare instructor can't explain it clear enough for me to "get it" and/or there is a lot of paperwork, the shakespeare class will go. i can take it later. i would much rather have a comfortable and enjoyable second quarter than force myself to drop a class that looks like it will be a great one to take a class that i already know is going to drive me crazy. winter and spring quarters are too close together to have spring quarter be any more stressful than the burn out from winter already makes it.

and with all that, time for me to get a move on. i have an eloquence addition to get up, a blog to play with (the once again home for all those comments i used to post in the "for you" section of whysper), a game to prep for and a paper to write.

things definitely look to be getting back to normal for me don't they?

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