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sunday, april 1, 2001
the list

it seems that once again i have a lot to do and not enough time and a lot going on and not enough brain to hang on to it. once again i am thinking of 6 things at once (yes, i am back on my medication). things like:

why do men have to push themselves so hard? saxy has been told there's no hurry in getting ready and, in fact, shouldn't push too hard. he has specific things to do, yes, but he insists in going beyond those things ALL the time. is this just a man thing?

why is it the children can get all their chores done without a single argument, question or other concern and get them done in a timely manner for weeks on end and then suddenly spend the next several weeks asking how to do and when to do and arguing and bickering and everything else so that they are still doing the very same chores they've always done at midnight? (yes, i know that was a run on sentence. . . and it will stay one.) today i had to bite my tongue so i would not say "duuuuuuuuhhhhh. you've done this how long now?" so many times it is not even funny. i did have to ask repeatedly what was wrong all day and every fight was over absolutely nothing that they turned into a world crises.

why is it on days i need to get the most done i sleep in the latest?

school on monday!!!!!!

the cold is gone, there's a little congestion left. now, why won't it give me back my voice? sounding like you gargled with salt water or rocks every morning is NOT sexy. (and, no, you cannot convince me of otherwise!) and while we're at it, can i pleeeaaassse have my hearing back too?

damn we went through a lot of money!

i have 4 domains already needing work and i keep getting new ideas for stuff all the time when old stuff isn't even up yet. it's gotta stop, i tell you!

kitten has found a high school offering dance, the ONLY high school offering dance as a matter of fact. she didn't know about it before because it was a new school (well, still is). she has loved the dance program at her middle school and desperately wants to continue. i hope they ok her transfer this time. she's gotten her share of low grades, yes, but overall she has a 3.23 gpa ~ DESPITE the occasional low grades! she deserves the dance class. and isn't this providence? she didn't get into the ib program, but maybe, just maybe, she can get into a program she would have always wanted more anyway!

that damn problem with my feet is back (which i may never have told you about but am mentioning now): they itch and hurt and everything else. unfortunately they refuse to cooperate when i go to the doctor's so lord knows what's wrong.

housing recertification coming up. yech!

i'm running how many games that I'm not prepared for?

i know i had more winners for 2001 than i have on my sotm list! but i have no idea what happened on my site to change that and may never know. if you were a winner and aren't listed (and have the certificate somewhere), contact me so i can get you listed.

and that's just the tip of the r.l. iceberg in this house. we have discovered that taz off medication is a scary thing, i have rediscovered creativity (although temporarily i am sure -- once classes start it'll all seep out my brain again), those rare, unannounced afternoons without the children can be as mundane or as wonderful as we choose -- and today we chose mundane, i may not like green but i sure use a lot of it, and so on and so forth. my brain just won't slow down.

It's going to be a long night.

i did mention it was 2 . . . er, 3 a.m. didn't i?

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