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monday, february 12, 2001

two midterms down, one to go.

a 24 on my third think piece for the mythology class.

rain truly sucks, especially with cold wind.

the mythology professor says, "relevance is overrated". eh?

i have really got to stop joining webrings (see the splash page).

along with that, i have got to stop making webrings!

thank goodness the ringsurf spammer has been stopped (all my rings were hit).

we're ready for members.

a man trying to rehook a bra he just unhooked while you were trying to study is a truly hilarious thing (and i about laughed my butt off - which, i am sure, didn't make it any easier for him). ;)

it's nice watching the husband and kids play, even if i get bopped with a pillow once in awhile.

i am somewhere between 5'4' and 5'5' - none of the measuring sticks at the various doctor's offices can agree.

my weight and age is none of your business. ;)

4 crazed kids can be pretty scary, even if they are just having fun.

bud and harriet on j.a.g. are kinda cute, especially early in their relationship.

there are some updates on this site that are just taking too long to get to - school...mooo! (as twinsis would say.)

summer never looked so good as now, but will be too hot when we get there.

saxy needs some cheese to go with that whine. *giggle*

he's been far too fun lately - wonder what he is up to?

but i am enjoying him being fun.

the true mystery of kids: they never come when you call, but mysteriously hear your voice when you never even raised it much less called their name.

there's really too much on mind for a coherent entry so these one-liners will have to do.

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