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wednesday, january 24, 2001

rain. i absolutely despise rain. i can take a shower or a long bath, but when it comes to rain i hate getting wet. i know we need rain, but i don't want to be out in it. i'm kinda like a cat, ears flat and skulking to the next dry spot, not looking at all pleased with the dampness of my fur. so far this winter i have pretty much lucked out, very little to no rain. the few times it did i generally didn't have to be anywhere and could hide in the dry safety of my house.

not today.

i walked into my first class under warm sunshine and clear skies and came out of it to a much wetter and damper atmosphere. california can be weird that way. one minute there's no sign of any kind of weather hazard, the next you know you're under a downpour and have no idea how it got there. today was pretty much one of those days, except we did have warning it was coming. i just had this feeling of being over-prepared when i arrived to the campus and being very grateful that i was when i left. at least i didn't have to come home looking like a drowned rat.

but the nicest thing was to walk in the door and find a hot lunch and some tea waiting for me. it was wonderful! (thanks my beloved!) it actually helped perk me up a bit as well, as i seemed to have dragged last night's exhaustion into my classes today. i barely managed to stay awake and took far too few notes. on the upside, the students who read my second paper generally gave me good comments. now to see if i can pull off another 23. i'll know friday. i have the third think piece for that class, and THAT woke me up a bit. at the rate it is going with these one page only papers, by the end of the quarter my brain will explode in just trying to comprehend the questions. but that burst was short lived and i practically was dragging when i walked in the door. so that nice hot lunch was a wonderful pick me up.

it gave me just enough energy to go back to my class work.

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