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tuesday 11.28.2000

it has not been the best of three days. sleep wise i have had next to none. pain i have had no end of. and we are ALL sick. i am sick, in pain, exhausted, and incredibly cranky. not a joy to be around for anyone, not even for myself. and it doesn't look to be getting any better. all i want to really do is sleep. my head hurts, i can't think straight, i'm sick. but, thanks to the wonderful maintenance guys here at hud, i WON'T be getting any more sleep tonight than i have in the last couple of days. so tomorrow looks like more of the same crankiness and exhaustion as today, maybe even more so. joy...NOT.

once a month i stay up all night. not that i WANT to be up ALL night once a month, but its not like i have a choice. at risk of giving far too much personal info, i have an extremely heavy cycle. and on the second night i am changing every 2 hours. if i don't its not pretty. so i stay up all night. sometime the next day things are less drastic and i can go to sleep. usually.

this month things were more painful than the night after the all nighter, i was up all night yet again, in pain. which brings us to last night and smoke alarm hell. my alarms decide at 4 in the morning that they are battery hungry and start going off. i think the only one who slept through it was my son. and these alarms are not quiet. they are loud, ear piercing, shrieking messengers from hell determined to be heard by the whole neighborhood. somehow saxy got them to stop going off every 45 minutes, but until sometime later in the morning they were still periodically demanding to be fed their batteries. no, pulling the old battery doesn't help silence these monsters. they are hard wired into our building. not having a battery just means they go off every couple of hours rather than every 45 minutes.

so, we finally get batteries and i manage a nap and we think we're in for actually sleeping tonight. wrong. something must be wrong because they are still going off every so often. we all jump and are deafened by these demanding little tyrants. i called hud for maintenance. did they come out today? nooooooooo. so i have yet another night, another very loooooooooong night, being periodically awakened by these high, ear piercing shrieks that can't be timed or prepared for.

add to this nightmare my sinus headache, whether from a sinus infection or from pressure from a storm moving in are still unknown. i'm voting on the storm considering my hips and my bad knee are all also in agony. i am congested from being sick, and have 5 sick kids (yes, saxy is included) as well. and, of course, none of them can have the SAME illness. no, we have one ear infection, one hacking dry cough virus, one cold, and a fluish thing all running around the house at once. it's just wonderful to be living here right now.

one other piece of news to note: today i took my last wellbutrin for a bit. my prescription runs out this month, my insurance is gone. so tomorrow i will not only be exhausted, but also watching what little concentration and memory i have drip down the drain. i still have a few other meds left to take. so tonight i will stay up until midnight as usual, take my meds, then hopefully pass out into dreamland. might make tomorrow look like a better day.

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