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wenesday 07.05.2000

8 am this morning i had an eeg done. it's nothing serious, just memory problems that i believe are related to add and a severe iron problem i have had for that last 3 years. but the neurologist isn't so sure and has determined that i have some kind of memory problem that is yet to be defined. while he hasn't thrown it out, i don't think he is considering the add angle too seriously. i don't have the requisite background.

so this morning i went and had my brainwaves examined. it wasn't the most uncomfortable test i've ever had, but i'm not inclined to repeat it. first they stuff your head in this little stretch helmet cap thing with holes, then put gel in the holes so there is a connection for the electrodes to pick up the brainwaves. i suppose for some people this is no problem, but i have quite a bit of hair. thick, curly, and just below my shoulder blades (longer i am sure if it weren't curly). the cap wasn't comfortable and the gel made it look as if i hadn't washed it in a few days.

but the hard part was laying still for 20-30 minutes while the machine took a reading. now, when i want to go to sleep or lay down, this is no problem. but having been TOLD to presented a problem of the wiggles. i am usually wiggling or shaking my foot when i am sitting and doing something other than on the computer. as i laid there on the hospital bed (that the tech kindly tried to make more comfortable), closed my eyes and tried to relax and not move, i DESPERATELY wanted to wiggle my foot. this is usually such an unconscious action, and today it took all my willpower to keep still from consciously wanting to do it. it didn't help that the room was cold and that i was laying on my back (not a comfortable position for me) and i had to work at relaxing.

i was actually relieved when we got to the deep breathing part of the whole thing. it gave me something else to think about. then came the most annoying part of the whole thing: the strobe light. the tech said that while it didn't matter, she suggested that people keep their eyes closed. suggested? i cannot imagine why on earth anyone would want their eyes open. this light flashes at you for a 10 second period, then pauses for 10 seconds. each time it starts flashing, it flashes faster than the last time. by the time this was over i was seeing spots and patterns on my eyelids. if my eyes had been open, i think i would have been blinded!

after all this, and taking the cap off (cleaning up my hair had to wait until i got home . . . eeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww), i was shown what had been recorded. i am pleased to report i have a brain as evidenced by lots of squiggly lines in red and blue on the computer screen. apparently my hospital is now state-of-the-art and doesn't do paper anymore. the records go on digital disks that allow a doctor more flexibility with the results.

now if only they would get rid of the damn gel.

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