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tuesday 06.13.2000

i have returned. sorry for the absence, but i am trying to get my site back up in .shtml so i can use server side includes. this may take awhile. the site is HUGE (and we don't think of these things as we build them, only when it comes time to change them). so i asked what was everyone's favorite section of domynoe's other than DominoDesigns, and not one reply. makes me wonder if this is at all worth it.

but then it comes down to why i built domynoe's. i built it and each and every section for me. it started with domynoedragon's lair & maze. begun by a friend for me at my request, continued by my husband, the lair was the site that started it all. it got me into html and web design and building. i took the site into the site fights. and that's where i really got into it.

i learned even more about coding, i learned to make graphics...almost everything i know now i learned in tsf. in tsf i went from fighter, to fairy, to create and leader of a new group, to team spirit coordinator, to team assistant and lady, and finally, to team leader. all along the way i learned new things about web design, graphics, working with people and more. i also built d'cat's playground, the lair's spirit pages, and a number of other sites. i moved my site several times, and when i got unlimited space i began building with the lair as the opening of the site but with many other things around it. i was encouraged to open DominoDesigns. then i got the domain and took a new perspective. the lair was no longer the center. instead all the sites came together around a core: domynoe's.

all these sites reflect different aspects of my personality, different interests, different involvements. each was built for me. each has it's own feel, all around the core pages that make up domynoe's. this is my place of expression, practice in graphics and html, sharing of knowledge and ideas, a place to entertain, a place to be entertained. i share it with you, but it was built by me for myself.

of all the sites, only DominoDesigns isn't built primarily for this purpose. that is my hope, but was created for others. i want to make a business in web design. i love watching pages grow and change and develop. i enjoy making art in a web page. it is an expression of my artistic abilities, but still requires a bit of technical knowledge. allows me my creative outlet but still requires me to think. it also allows me to stay home with my kids, especially my son who i need to be here for at 8 am and 4 pm monday through friday, as well as one month out of 4. some day i may even MAKE money at web design.

so here i am, rebuilding this humongous site yet again. and i am both blogging and writing in my journal again (still have to get taz's blog back please be patient). but i can't guarantee i will be back to my attempt at daily for a little bit yet. still have the rest of this site to put up. thanks for bearing with me.

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