i run a few cliques at domynoes.com, all with the following general rules:

¤ your site must be viewable in either netscape 7, opera or firefox. opera is a FREE browser that you can download here (get vers 6, trust me). do not use netscape 6, neither my machine nor i like it, so i don't use it when checking submitted pages. check your site before submitting, don't just assume it works in either netscape or opera.

¤ in general sites must be child safe, meaning no profanity, no porn/nudity, no hate sites, no warez, etc. these sites will be deleted.

¤ sites must comply with ALL the requirements of the clique being applied to then remain in compliance for the duration of their membership.

¤ i do check my cliques frequently, so keep member info up to date. 404s and bounced mails automatically get a site removed from the ring. sites without the code are also automatically removed even if the site is on hiatus.

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A Year of Reading

a clique rather than a ring, a year of reading is for those who love to read and want to encourage others to read. To join you agree to keepa list of everything you read through the year somewhere on your site and to read at least one book per month for the year.

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a burb for journalers who love fantasy.