The Rules . . .
      . . . member pages can be journals, weblogs, or personal pages, but sites must work in both IE and Netscape 7. don't assume your site works in NS7 - check it. If the site doesn't work, I won't add it to the clique.

      . . . sites must be easy to navigate from every page. This means back, next, archive, and home links on every entry for journals. It would also be nice if your book list was linked from every entry, but as long as it's easy to find from the front page it's okay. If the site isn't a journal site, I must be able to get from one section to the next easily and be able to return to the main index without having to use the back button on my browser.

      . . . no StIcKy CaPs, forced downloads, warez, or music I can't turn off. Sites must be fairly child safe, although reading lists do not need to be. This means no nudity, explicitly sexual entries, and a limited amount of "foul" language.

      . . . there must be a book list of what you read through the year (preferrably with the month each books was read), not just a sidebar notation of what you are reading now. Books don't have to be linked to their sellers. I will accept pages that are just starting their reading lists. Online journals do not count as reading for this clique, but text books do (i remember my college reading days!). Booklists that become out of date will result in the site being deleted from the clique.

      . . . you don't need to have a book journal, book review, or anything else. just a list of books read is fine.

      . . . members agree to read the equivalent of at least one book a month.

      . . . either the following text code or a image code must be clearly visible on your main index:

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="-2">.:| <a href="" onMouseOver=" window.status='r e a d'; return true" onMouseOut="window.status=' '; return true" target="_blank">A Year of Reading</a> |:.</font>

It should look like this: .:| A Year of Reading |:.


DO NOT HOTLINK IMAGES! Download them to your own computer, then upload to your site and link them to

Please put a code up before joining the clique. I won't hunt it down. If it's not up when I check, you won't be added.

Once you have the code up, you are ready to join.