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new routines, pt. 1?
monday, august 10, 2009

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so, a little hiccup in the house thing. the lender is working it out, but, yea, i'm worried. i'd hate to lose this house just because we've been struggling with job issues over the last year. :(

today we began a new routine. and it's part 1 because if and when we move, the routine will get adjusted again. but today school started, and for froggy, that meant in a new school. it took 3 days to get her registered at the school she'd be going to from the new house. because i listed the move in date as sept. 10, we didn't need special permission from the principles of each school to move her. it took 3 days to get the transfer done because the schools were on furlough the first day. second dayi had to go to her original school and withdraw her, and her paperwork took a whole day to process. they almost didn't have it ready when we went in the third day.

the difference between the two schools was just amazing. the old school was crazy, disorganized, and didn't have needed staff available. the new school had areas that were filled with kids, but the office and counseling offices were quiet, things were moving smoothly, and they had some needed staff there to help with registering students and students with schedule problems. i took froggy with me all three days, and she managed to say good-bye to a few friends, and she met taz's teacher. she didn't get to walk around much, but she did manage to get generally oriented so she wouldn't get too lost when school started. the one thing she's not going to get until we move is a bus. we have to provide transportation until we actually move into the new house.

so everyone but the husband has a new routine now. i get up at 5-god awful-30 in the morning and get the kids up, including oldest in case taz's bus is late. oldest is starting to do tai-chi in the morning, so at least she gets something out of it.

6:15, taz's bus is supposed to come and pick him up.

6:25, i take youngest in. this turned out to be the perfect timing this morning: the roads weren't too full going up or coming back. after this week, though, i may drive her up to her bus stop by the house. we'll see. my concern is not getting the house, so i might wait until we've closed to do it and just drive her up for the rest of this month. going to the bus stop by the house would save us some money/gas since it's 3 miles closer than the school, but i don't want to get her started on the bus only to have everything fall through. it's bad enough that we'd have to ask permission to keep her in the school. i'm hoping that won't be too big of a deal, but i'd rather hope that the house just doesn't fall through. :P

when i get home, i try to get an extra 2 or 3 hours, try being the operative word. this morning, my older cat, vagner, kept knocking things down at just the right time, so sleep took awhile, and then i overslept. i've now set a second alarm to wake me up on time. all the cats have been acting...off. vagner is getting clingy. logan seems to be distancing himself a little. roro is a bit more demanding. rogue, the kitten, is about as normal as can be expected. a little more on the clingy side and now in heat. vagner's new sleeping spot is either on my computer or on my night stand, thus all the things being knocked down. he's usually quite a graceful cat despite his size, but it's pretty hard to be graceful when laying down and taking up the entire surface of the night stand. :P

so, i'm supposed to be back up at around 10 so i have a few hours to exercise and write before i need to go pick up froggy again. was an hour late on that today. got the exercise in, but no writing except a couple of journal entries so far...this one included.

about 1:40, i'm off to pick up froggy from school. going to and from isn't so bad. arriving and getting away from? nuts. i waited on the connecting road at least 15-20 minutes before i was able to actually make it onto school grounds. and it took another 5 or 10 after getting her in the car to get back on the road to leave. and some idiot wasn't paying attention and bumped me! fortunately, no damage or scratching to the car at all, but jeeze, it's stop and go traffic the whole way. paying attention would be a priority, i would think.

taz gets in about 2:30, and we get home about 10 minutes or so later. once home, i either have to go right back out and take oldest to work or wait an hour and take oldest to work. she's been asked to find rides home to avoid using any more gas than necessary. otherwise, evenings are pretty much the same: saxy or i make dinner (usually saxy these days; culinary school has him all fired up again, heh), kids start baths around 8, i get baby to sleep between 9 and 10 (no rocking any more though, thank goodness—she's a little big for that now), start dishes, pick up oldest around 11 (if she needs picking up), then finishing dishes and making not one but three lunches now. because of 5:30 wake up call, i try to be in bed by 1. not a whole lot of writing time, but 1) going to have to make it work and 2) it's more time than i've had in over a month so i'll take it. lol

thank god weekends won't change much until after we're moved. culinary classes won't start until october, assuming we can get all that to work out so we can afford anything we need to pay above and beyond any aid he qualifies for.

so, yea, we've gone from lazy days of summer to back to school, and i'm in it neck deep until we move...or forever if we don't. lol

next routine change will have me back to getting the kids out the door on their respective buses, getting a couple extra hours of sleep and getting up around 9, and then not going anywhere until i take oldest to work. back to more writing time. well, a little more. and being home when both kids walk through the door instead of having to miss taz's exuberant entrance while picking up youngest.

here's hoping new routines pt. 2 happens. for that to happen, house needs to go through.

on another happy side note: my total weight loss as of today's weigh in is 21 pounds. i've lost 1/8th of my goal weight loss. no one can see it yet, but i am really proud of myself! :D


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