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saturday, june 27, 2009

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this week has been exhausting. there's not been a single day so far where i didn't have to go out and take care of at least one thing. for a lot of people, that would be cool; for me, it interrupts the other things i need to do: my writing, the freelance editing project i was hired to do, even domestic stuff can end up by the wayside because i'm trying to catch up with the other stuff that was tossed aside. sad thing? i missed at least one thing that needed to be taken care of because the week really did overwhelm me.

not done: writing. well, not much. i barely hit 2k after weeks of 10-15,000 words. i understand the why's of it—i've been trying to prioritize the editing project and when i'm trying to work on my own stuff, i'm just too damn tired—but it's frustrating. also not done: calling in a refill for one of taz's meds. the only good thing is it's not a med that will end up with him having a bad reaction if he's taken off it unexpectedly. in the domestic sphere, i've had to have the kids do dishes, which is the one task i've tried to do myself. the kids have been good about it, but it irritates me that i can't find the time to do that one small thing. okay, not so small considering how many people are in the house, but i'm sure you get what i mean.

but, really, it has been a crazy week....

monday: phone calls all day long. seriously: lender, realtor, a tax guy, the choice program, and so on...and most of them needed more than one call. the longest was to our wireless company to try to fix some problems we've been having. i also took kitten to work and picked her up...and swung by the bank. i did manage some writing, spent hours on prepping the editing manuscript. it was a long day. heck, this whole week was made of long days.

tuesday: again with taking the girl to and from work, grocery store, more phone calls in regard to the housing thing, and editing editing and yet more editing. writing, not so much.

wednesday: same as monday, plus another stop at the bank. this time the housing stuff was done via e-mail and the web, and we were sent a list to look at and found a couple to go look see today. we also put flea meds on all the animals. i'm a bit nervous about these toxic medicines, but the ones saxy picked up were cheap and they needed something—ororo is losing tail hair again. they went off their feed for a day and slept most of it, but that could have been anything from the heat to them being so relieved that they aren't being bitten as much that they just passed out for awhile. there were no signs of toxicity or sensitivity reactions, but we'll be looking into something less likely to poison the animals as soon as we can afford to do so.

thursday: picked up my heart med refill, went to the store and the bank, plus everything else except taking the oldest to work.

friday: took the girl to work and edited almost all day.

today was the day to go see houses. one looked good from the outside, but had too many issues that would need to be fixed before we moved in, including figuring out a mildew problem (i am allergic to mold, so there is no living in a house with a mildew problem until it's fixed). which was too bad; it had a really nice kitchen, the master bath was pretty cool, and there were 2 rooms and a full bath in the basement that kitten and baby cat could use. a second house was on a terrible hill, even the back yard would be useless, and the deck would need to be completely rebuilt. the third looked good from the outside, it even had some fruit trees, a huge fenced yard and a few other things, but we never got to see the inside. arrangements supposedly had been made but no one was there to let us in. a new arrangement is being made as soon as the realtor can get a hold of the owners.

our only concern now is if we'll actually be saving money when you throw in home owner's insurance and the property taxes. i suppose if we don't, at least we'll be buying the house we're paying for. and hopefully the utility bills will be lower in the new place as well...and the place will actually keep the warm/cool air instead of having it seep out the walls, doors, and windows.

tomorrow i have to take kitten in to work early in the morning, but hopefully that will be it. i really need time to recharge. really, really. i'm not even sure i should attempt to write tomorrow. i'm not sure i could if i tried. i'm beyond tired right now; i'm exhausted, drained, in need of down time so bad the need has seeped into my bones.

unfortunately, next week looks busy as well, just not as busy as this week. in fact, the whole next month looks busy with bank and grocery trips at least once a week, editing all day long when not driving people places, a movie (we hope!), seeing more houses (we also hope!), and catching up on the bills.

something tells me that exhausting will not so fit my level of tiredness when july is done. fortunately, other than being tired all the time, these days i can handle the running around a bit better than i could before the serious diet and exercise stuff was taken on. and i suppose the busyness has the advantage of getting me ready for the end of the house journey. we're looking at going through the house stuff to cut down what we move with us, which exhausting in itself, but the move itself? now that will be exhausting. :P


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