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saturday, june 3, 2006

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for a week that seems to have had a lot of nothing going on, we've still managed to accomplish quite a bit. much of it is routine, or should be routine. for example, taz and froggy did a great job on raking and sweeping out front and have been working on writing and math almost every day. for taz, that continued practice is especially important. the routine stuff made the week seem to disappear . . . it's hard to remember exactly what did happen this week, the week just seems to have disappeared into a fog of nothing (which may have more to do with my 5 minute memory lifespan than anything). but there's also been a couple of things that aren't so routine.

my resumés are out again. we actually got them out faster than ever before, part of which had to do with the reduced number we put out, and part of which was timing. we somehow managed to hit everything just right -- lots of traffic, but not as much as there would have been had we been later in the day. and we did discuss going out to the schools that are further out on the map and decided against it. i'll be mailing my new resumé to the human resources dept of the county, so it will be available to any school in the district. going in person to the closest schools makes sense, though, if you want to be employed by one of them.

two really interesting moments. the first was at the school with the principle i met for the job faire. he was on his way out to another portion of the school while i was on my way in . . . and he recognized me! now, this means one of two things: they didn't get a whole heck of a lot of applicants to interview (and i'm not sure i buy that considering how full it was when i went in), OR i made an impression. one can hope a very good/positive impression, particularly since he actually seemed quite pleased to see me (of course, he could also be one of those people that just exudes that warm, welcoming, glad to see you kind of feeling by nature -- i haven't noticed it particularly in other principles, so it was definitely either a happy to see me kind of reaction, or a gift he has). the second really interesting moment was at a school i'd subbed at quite a bit this year. the office staff treated me like a total stranger. i swear these women had seen me before, but you wouldn't have known it by the way they greeted me.

at any rate, everything's out and we're back to the waiting game. and not knowing what we're going to do if i don't get hired.

we also took jewel in for her dermatology appointment. she's on antibiotics to help reduce irritation, and has two topicals she's now to apply twice a day. she has to get rid of the over the counter stuff we've tried for her, change the kind of make up she uses, and get sunscreen. in terms of finances, the kiddo ain't happy about having to replace everything, but her acne is bad enough to take it seriously. now she's just got to get more hours at work.

on a rather surprising note, in a good way, she's taking the whole finances thing a lot more seriously than we expected. she actually came out and asked for an accounting of what she owed and what had been paid for so far. she created copies of the records and put them in a folder. she even asked for a file box, which, unforunately, we couldn't give since we don't have one available.

i guess she realized that she just might be in trouble if she doesn't get this money management thing down. she does still ask us for money for things, but not nearly as frequently, and has finally stopped arguing with us when we say we can't help. heck, she even stopped trying to tell us what she needs it for (this was a big complaint: she'd ask, we'd say no, and she'd proceed to tell us why she needed it even though we said we didn't have the money).

now if we could just teach to not enter a room and start talking without any awareness of what's going on first.

in addition to getting things done, there were a few things that didn't get done. my writing didn't go so well this week. well, not until today. started the first book of a duology and did pretty good for the first time in ages. i also made progress on the third book of the current trilogy. but, up until today, and other than about 2000 words on monday, this week has been rather fallow.

some of the new routines for us in the home are proving a little harder to put into place than i thought they would. taz is being somewhat resistant, which doesn't surprise me. if he can get away with doing nothing by difficult, he'll go with being difficult because he'd rather sit up in his room and spin a toy and hum. i'm also having to try "wall time" in the morning when he decides to pester the girls really early in the a.m.

he really is becoming a little bugger! ;)

we had down time yesterday from a storm as well. i realized that we're actually getting ready for another hurricane season . . . again. the space of time when the season is over and a new one begins seems too damn short. the storm last night wasn't a hurricane, but did cause quite a bit of damage via lightning and rain. our power went out briefly at least twice that we know of. everything was pretty quiet today, thankfully, except for my head which, of course, reacted to the the storm moving on and the changing pressure. i also noticed that taz didn't say anything about it when it started, but he did say something about it today. not much, just enough to let me know he was aware that it happened. i'm not sure if that means he's a little less freaked by storms, or if this particular storm didn't phase him. (i will admit that the first crack of thunder about knocked me out of my seat -- literally; not only was it not expected, it was rather loud, long, and growly.)

in the weird development department, both ororo and vagner have taken to sleeping under my desk by my feet when i'm up here writing. they don't do it at the same time, but they used to not do it at all -- especially ororo since she's not liked me much. it's very startling to shift my feet and bump into fur. i suppose i'll get used to it and they'll both stop.

why can't we have normal cats that like to be held and petted?

some past due bills got paid, laundry got done, the office clean up took on a whole new dimension at one point. it's seriously been a week of a little of this and a little of that. and the house has generally been quite peaceful.

in other words, it's not been that memorable. it's just been a "where'd it go?" week.

to which the response is "where'd what go?"

and, by the way, whysper is 6 today. the day almost passed without me mentioning it. very scary that i've been at this for so long.

even scarier that some of you have been reading about that long. ;)

here's to another 6 years! :D

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