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friday, april 7, 2006

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for starters: HAPPY BIRFDAY, JEWEL-GIRL!!!!

and she thought i forgot. ;)

vacation is almost over. depressing. the kids will enjoy being back to school (yes, they are that strange), but i'm going to hate being away from my desk and my writing (even if the writing hasn't gone so well this week). when i get a chance to just sit here and work on my novel and shorts and pay attention to the writing workshop, i am reminded how much i want to do this and just this.

but the rent has to be paid. the pesky thing.

for which the check for the last bit was written out today. yay. go us. that and the remainder of the gas bill wiped out both deposits made today -- saxy's check and the check sent to reimburse is from esurance (yea, they sent a check rather than reversing the stupid charge to the account, idiots -- makes me glad we didn't stay with them even if they are cheap!). i really get tired of us skating along. yea, we get extras that we probably shouldn't, but it's tiresome to have to worry about buying a cd or book now and then.

with the rent paid, however, i won't feel guilty asking the landlord about checking into the cooler which isn't cooling so well. saxy said something about it needing to be cleaned.

and tonight it's a splurge on rather expensive hamburgers and cake, assuming saxy remembers the cake. jewel wanted to go to fuddruckers, but it's too hot and would require too many showers before we could even leave. so she gets another burger place (expennsive by some standards, but cheaper than fuddruckers, i believe), hopefully cake, and maybe a movie or something.

we're such the party animals.

part of her other birthday plans include washing the car (to cool off) and watching numbers later tonight.

yep, party animals.

she also has a little cash she earned as well as a bit given to her for her birthday. the plan is for big sis to come down and for the two girls to go shopping.

for me, the whole burger thing may be my last really good meal for a bit -- or at least my last ultra fattening meal for awhile. which is not to say that i'll starve. nope, i'm going on a slim-fast diet instead. i need to lose weight, eat healthier, and all that jazz. but i'm taking this a step at a time, partly because, until the job thing is settled, finding exercise time is going to be difficult at best.

besides, changing one nasty habit at a time will be easier than changing everything once.

so, for awhile, i can continue with my quiet, no activty hobbies and habits: reading, writing, teaching kids. teaching kids actually does give me a little exercise -- i do a lot of walking when i work, not fast walking, but a lot of walking none the less. and i occasionally dance around the house, for all the good it does me.

the good news is that saxy, who needs to watch his cholesterol, is willing to give this diet a chance. it takes all the guess work out and let's us eat the same foods. so, here's hoping this works. :)

and that's about as random as i can get today.

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