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a few domy things
friday, april 22, 2005

another home day - this time it was a gas thing (as in we didn't have any). but it's quite okay with me as i have more than a few things demanding my attention in one way or another. like the collective soul concert tomorrow night. i've picked my outfit i'm going to wear via the timely arrival of the one pair of pants and top that i didn't cancel the order on recently. i'm currently playing my collective soul music even though i will probably hear all the hits tomorrow night. it's a domy thing. between now and tomorrow night i'll be driving hubby crazy at the very least, and just about everyone else at the very most with my excitement. just ask anyone who's talked to me in the last five minutes. it's probably a good thing i didn't go to work today . . . i'd scare the kids with my excitement!


yesterday was a nice day to end my week on anyway. i was in a high school resource room that needed almost no work. i ended up starting my pII study guide (which is going to be quite a monster when it's done) because the kids didn't need me for much more than reminding them that they needed to be doing something - work or reading. i didn't get a lot done, maybe a page or two, but it is started and that's a good thing. now i just have to get the last couple of books i need to read and to actually do that reading and i should be okay. i'm not thrilled about the reading . . . it's a literary thing.

among the things i started to work on today is the mckillip shrine i've been wanting to create on the site. i was recently approved for the mckillip fan listing (for which i'm absolutely thrilled - it's a kid at heart thing) which gave me the push i needed to get something started, sorta. i've been approved for a week, but had no idea what i wanted to do with it and was a little wrapped up in the praxis and a couple of chapter revisions. still wrapped up in those things, but not as deeply at the moment, and i only have another 3 weeks to get the fl up, so i started to think about the shrine and what i wanted to do with it this morning. have it started, just need to get it finished enough to put it online, complete with the fl. once that's done, i'll be moving the other mckillip fl's over as well. sometimes i tend to be a bit more organized than necessary . . . one of those domy things.

i'm also working on crits and revisions. i finally figured out a way to kick myself in gear when it comes to my novel revisions, for which i'm quite pleased. it seems that revising an earlier chapter while working on later chapters stuff i was doing when i first picked the novel back up may not have been a good idea back then, but works wonders when i'm trying to get into that poetic voice now. i revise a chapter for dii earlier in the book, smoothing out the poetic language that's already been hammered into place (or, as in the case of the first 2 or 3 chapters or so, work on getting it more poetic since they were rocky to begin with), then i find i'm in the right place to take a later chapter that needs to be brought up to that level. somehow it works without getting me stuck on the same 3 or 4 chapters the way it did when i was first attempting to write the novel. not quite sure what kind of thing that is except maybe an ironic thing. having to go back to what you figured wasn't quite useful and was actually probably doing more to keep your wheels spinning is just a bit disconcerting. guess it just goes to show that everything has a time and a reason . . . or something like that.

and, really, after working with kids for several days, it's kinda nice to be home without kids. i won't be having that particular opportunity for a bit after may 29 - 2 months of summer vacay, which means kids pretty much at home. granted, we can finally toss them off to friends' houses (with the exception of taz), but i don't know how often that will be happening. and froggy can't go far for long - she's still a little young. so, i'll have at least one kid in the house at all times, and it looks like saxy will be gone to st. mary's quite frequently this summer. i need to enjoy the no few no kid days i have left.

although, the cats are turning into big kids all of a sudden, so i'm not sure you can say i have days without kids. roro is doing this totally non-roro thing and wanting attention from me. this cat generally does not like me and lately she's meowing at me, wanting me to pick her up, wanting me to pet her, and so on. vagner, on the other hand, has taken to hiding away. it's like they traded personalities somewhere. okay, so vagner hasn't been a "pick me up and pet me" kind of cat either, but he does come and get his snuggles at night while roro tends to be the aloof cat. the wanting attention from anyone other than her man (saxy) is so not a roro thing.

now i just need these damn storms we're having go away before tomorrow night. i don't need to go see collective soul with a headache the size of manhattan - that is so seriously not a domy thing.

not that it could keep me from seeing collective soul.


now there's a real domy thing! :D

(and now i'm going to go back to my revising and critting because this entry turned lame some time ago. which can also be a very domy thing. ;) )

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