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monday, july 12, 2004

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odd title, i know, but it will fit. ;)

i'm feeling pretty old to be starting over. and we are starting over, pretty much. we have most the little things like kitchen stuff, but in terms of furnishings we only have beds and electronics at the moment. oh, and one dresser. sitting on the floor to work at my pc is really hard on these old hips.

all the more reason to get into tai-chi again. on a regular bases. uh, yea, right, like i have that kind of discipline at the moment. i'm just trying to get back into taking my meds.

the house itself is cute. i really like the living/dining/office setup. the house is a split level and in from the doorway, the kitchen is on the right and that leads into a dining area we're going to turn into my office. it has a railing around it so it looks directly into the living room. we're splitting the huge living room into a "formal" (you know, when guests come) dining room and living room. it is seriously big enough to do that and have plenty of space, for the most part, for both, especially the living room.

the problem areas are the kitchen, bathrooms, and back yard. we have too much kitchen for the space in this house's kitchen. our apartment kitchen was much bigger, even if the overall space was smaller. bigger kitchen allows for more stuff. right now my crystal and other holiday stuff is in the garage, and extra tupperware and stuff is in a hall closet. fortunately, we don't major access to either on a regular bases. the fridge is also a bit smaller and we'll have to do grocery trips every week, with midweek stops for milk, instead of every 2 weeks. as for the bathrooms, the toilets are right up against the sinks, which is pretty cramped even when you're not big woman like me. and the master bathroom toilet plugs up so easily i'm trying to unplug it 2 or 3 times a day. it's to the point now that i'm using the less difficult, but more cramped, kids bathroom. the one advantage to such small spacing: if you need a new roll of tp and it's in the cupboard under the sink, it's right there in easy reach. lol

mcat is already thinking of ways to help us fix it up a little, and he's going to make me a desk and bookshelves (yeah!). and we're talking about tables, and couches, a little, but not a whole lot. it will take time for us to take care of all the utility deposits and things. the settling in really has just begun. our kitchen is finally box free. most my stuff for my writing space is organized in easy access boxes and boxes i don't need to get into. tomorrow my plan is to take care of the living room boxes between phone calls.

so, we're making progress. faster than i expected, for the most part. but here's hoping i won't be starting over like this again any time soon (even better, not at all).

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