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thursday, june 3, 2004

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the phone has been ringing off the hook since yesterday afternoon. some of this is very good since it's people interested in the furniture we are trying to get rid of. but since we do have to answer the phone because of the ad, we also end up having to pick up for collectors i've been avoiding for months now because there's just so many times you can tell these people you're unemployed before you get sick of saying it. besides, it's not like they get it anyway. i mean, a typical conversation goes something like this:

me: hello?
creditor: is this . . . . ?
me: yes?
creditor: i'm calling about your account with . . . .
me: we'll pay when we can.
creditor: when will that be?
me: i don't know. we're unemployed. we intend to pay, just need a job.
creditor: and when do you think you'll have one?

now that has got to be the stupidest question these idiot s ask me. if i freaking knew when i would have a job, i don't think i'd be broke because i could predict just about anything. but fortune teller i'm not. i really want to tell these people, "you going to give me one? no? then i have no idea!"

me (getting irritated): i don't know.
creditor: well, how are you managing to pay your living expenses if you don't have a job.
me (who probably should say, "none of your damn business!"): child support and social security.
creditor: so you can pay us $50 a month then.
me (totally annoyed): no, i'm not taking food out of my children's mouth to pay you when i can barely feed them as it is.
creditor: you know if you don't pay, we'll have to take further action.
me: okay, how's $5 a month.
creditor: oh, no, we need a minimum of $50 to $100.
me: then i'll pay you when i can.
creditor: can you give me a date?
me: NO! (hangs up)

i don't stutter. i don't mumble. i am quite clear about our situation. and they still want a date. i've been told there's a no harassment law, but honestly can't do anything about it. if i could afford to sue these morons for harassment, i could pay off the damn bill. i even had one person suggest we file for bankruptcy. again, if i had the money to actually do that, i'd pay off at least one account! i know they're just trying to do their job, but there's got to be a point when "we're unemployed and can't pay anything right now" has got to sink in enough to have them stop saying, "so, when do you think you can pay?" god, if i knew, i'd tell the idiots! but i guess they see us like any other deadbeat - just looking for a way not to pay.

too bad these places don't have deferment programs like college loans do. yea, the interest would rack up, but at least you'd get a year of relief from the damn phone calls.

at any rate, now the calls are getting weirder. i answer the phone and get an "operator" who is going to transfer an incoming call. i wait. then she comes on and gives me something that looks like a phone number. so i ask if it's a phone number and am told, no, it's an account number. okay, so i wait. then she disconnects me.


i think i'll go back to hanging up 'cuz i just do not get it. lol

i wish we could go back to ignoring phone calls from phone numbers we don't know, or with no caller i.d., or from out of the area, but were selling furniture and we need that money. not that it's much, but we still need it.

it's almost over. soon we'll have a new phone in a new state and the phone won't be ringing at all, at least for awhile.

which will be a nice change for once.

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