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monday, january 26, 2004

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for the most part hubby and i had a quiet weekend without the kids (it's always a wonderful thing when linnorm has the weekend off). we had originally planned to head out to a movie then to target to get a scale for this diet thing we're doing and a few other things, but, in the end, decided we could wait till the butterfly affect came out on dvd and that we didn't really need the scale right away. i spent most of saturday writing (what else is new) and then we spent sunday watching the last few episodes of dark angel (good show that died a really sad death before its time). we enjoyed chinese and the golden globes. all in all, a nice, relaxing weekend.

which is not to say nothing happened. some things happened. small things, but good things. at least one of them is. one of them is definitely a bad thing that i have to figure out what to do about. the other? well, not holding my breath, or at least trying not to.

the definite good news: revisions 3 of my novel is done. i'm taking a break this week, then moving on to the word by word, line by line, page by page revisions. these are going to be tough for me. i have an author i've only been intro'd to recently that has a style, a way of using language i've not seen before and i love it. now, i don't want to be her, but i definitely want to reach for something similar. my style will definitely be more descriptive. but hers is so lyrical and everything is so beautifully interwoven. being so used to the block style of writing descriptions and such, this will be a real challenge for me. but, i don't mind. just getting this far has been a wonderful surprise. to celebrate, i've ordered books on finding an agent. by fall, i hope to have those books read and my book on its way out.

the definite bad news: youngest's impulsivity is getting the better of her. she stole from a corner store in the ex's neighborhood. i am appalled and have no idea what to do about it. she's adhd, but that doesn't condone her behavior. she's on meds - do we have the wrong ones? her sticky fingers have been a problem in the past here at the house - things not belonging to her have been broken, make up used, etc etc. but this . . . i am at a loss. i think we need to look into a new medication for the impulsivity. nothing has worked in terms of consequences and so on. i just really have no idea what to do with her, how to help her get this under control. lord, i don't want to raise my baby to be a delinquent. :(

the we're not so sure news: saxy was out grocery shopping and ran into a friend who still has his job at laidlaw. this is not the last employer but the one previous to that. it turns out he wasn't rehired the last time he went in not because of the touted "attendance problems," but because of the workman's comp thing. see, he helped a trainer with an example kind of exercise and slipped on some wet, metal stairs. they should have had those secure strips that make footing more sure in the rain, but they didn't, and he seriously hurt one of his knees. 2 surgeries later, he still has trouble and no longer can do the lifting and bending that he used to be able to do. since then we've taken a settlement on the comp case, not because we particularly wanted to, but because he was unemployed and we needed the money.

at any rate, his friend told him to come in and try to apply again. apparently the people who decided not to hire him before have left the company. the positions open are in the dispatch room, so knee bendage needed, and he already knows how they work. plus it's nearby and wouldn't require a vehicle to get to. now, if the reason they didn't rehire him before was actually the comp thing, well, there's no comp thing now. if it was the "attendance" stupidity (on the part of the company), then we can hope the new supervisors are more inclined to listen to reason and realize that he was fired for a day that he wasn't even scheduled for and that they shouldn't hold that against him now.

in other words, i'm hoping without holding my breath.

for such an uneventful weekend, it actually turned out to have a lot going on. now, can i really keep my revising paws off my novel? we shall see.

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