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wednesday, january 21, 2004

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and back. as i mentioned previously, my mother did a nice thing and caught up my only remaining credit card. we had several options for that money, most of which were discounted because i didn't (and don't) want to run the card up too quickly. probably not a realistic desire considering our financial situation at the moment, but one i'm trying to keep something of an eye on at this point.

saxy's doctor's appointment for his dmv check up is tomorrow. i've decided not to see the dentist as it looks like the whole tooth thing may have been a combination of a gum bruise and sympathy with storm pressure headaches. the tooth will need to be taken care of eventually, but if i can put off spending over $200 on one tooth, oh yea, i'll do that. when saxy or i are working or the novel is sold and money isn't such a huge issue, then i can put out the money. for the time being, it doesn't hurt, so the hole in my head isn't anything to take care of now. but that doesn't mean i'm applying for my m.a. program or either one of us is off to wisconsin either. i bought groceries, we took care of a few "luxury" purchases (including the soon to be no longer available fantasia anthology) and i am planning to pay off a few smaller bills. all in all, we've spent over $400 and have probably a couple of hundred more to go. i would rather have just a few things go into arrears than, oh, everything.

it's stupid, i know. we're just setting ourselves back with the credit card again. but really, when you're poor, you use every resource you have. and paying off the little bills at least keeps them from going into arrears, thus moving us forward with those people and getting them off my back. of course, this doesn't apply for the BIG bills, some of which are equal to or greater than my credit limit. we're pretty much stuck with those until a job comes along. but maybe if i get the little guys taken care of, it will be easier to make payments once one of us is working, assuming anyone can find a semi-decent job in the almost flattened california job market.

saxy's license is going to help. this physical was the last obstacle to that and is costing us $60. saxy has also promised to talk with his dad about a car. his father apparently told his mother that he would get us a car if saxy asked, but didn't want to step on any toes and get us one without him asking. i've told saxy that if they do decide to get a car, then he needs to put it solely in his name to hopefully keep it out of the hands of my creditors. the current action against us is in my previous last name, not my current last name. so, hopefully, if we keep it in saxy's name, they can't try to grab it as "property" to pay off the debt.

and a car would definitely do a whole lot of good on the job market. we just might be able to move forward much faster. with california the way it is right now, any forward movement is a plus.

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