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friday, november 7, 2003

xanax, vicodin, and all your drug needs can now be taken care of on the net, sometimes without prescription. if anything indicates what a junkee nation (or world) we've become, it's the recent inundation of medication spam hitting my email box. it's beating out porn spam at this point, and that's a truly frightening thing.

i know i've joked about being a walking pharmacy in this journal before, but my meds are prescribed and monitored by my doctors . . . all 15 dozen of them (okay, slight exaggeration there, but i really do feel like i have way more doctors than i need some days). perhaps i'm also lucky to be sensitive to medications. if it's an over the counter drug, i tend to take less of it and get the same results. in fact, taking 2 sinu-tabs knocks me right out, so sticking to just one not only helps me breathe, helps the headache, but also allows me to stay awake and somewhat coherent.

so, here we claim to have a war against drugs and yet drugs are only getting easier to get your hands on. oh, wait, that's only a war on illegal drugs. if it's legal, go for it. zone yourself out. if it's coke, crystal, or any of those psychedelic street drugs, it needs to be contained. if it's a prescribed drug, alcohol, or nicotine, we place a few limits on it, but hardly pay attention to whether those limits are adhered to. we'd much rather go running across the border and try to clean up our problems in other people's back yards.

don't get me wrong, i'm all for controlling drugs. but until we take care of the problem of demand in our own country, we can arrest, burn out, shut down, and otherwise wage our drug war any where in the world and end up doing nothing. as soon as the current drug king is out of the way, another one will take his place. and, as many a movie shows, i believe we often leave things wide open for someone worse to take over.

the world right now sucks and it seems the most common reaction is to put ourselves in a drug induced haze. when we're sick, we get drugs to combat the illness, or bitch that nothing will help with a virus. when we're depressed, the doctors give us drugs for it. when we're in pain, we take drugs--or drink ourselves silly to run away from it. queasy stomach? take a drug. want to lose weight? take drugs or smoke cigarettes. and you're just not normal if you don't experiment with marijuana at the very least. (never did myself, never saw the fascination.)

i know there are times when taking drugs is necessary. if you're seasonally depressed or depressed for an extended length of time, yes, chemical help just may be necessary. i'm not saying that we need to go completely holistic. but i do have to wonder how we can bitch about the state of the union on one hand and be taking a toke on the other. is being doped up a solution to the problems we have? how can a person bitch and complain and yet think choosing avoidance and being high helps? i mean, think about it.

i don't drink. never have. i've tasted more than a few alcoholic drinks and have honestly wondered how anyone can drink that stuff. the after taste is nasty. i don't smoke and never have except for second hand. i don't take illegal drugs, i'd rather make my decisions with a clear head and live life for real. i take ibuprofen, migraine advil, and sinu-tab when i need them at half dose. the rest is prescribed, picked up from a legitimate pharmacy, and most of the time i'd really rather not take even those. i do because i need them to function, not to be in a pain free haze.

it is so much harder to watch, regulate, and police the net, and here we have drugs being offered online by places that advertise "Absolutely No Doctor Appointment Needed!" and "No prior Prescription Required." actually they are more than just being offered. it's spam. online companies are shoving the drugs down our throats.

and we wonder why we're such a mess.

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