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friday, october 10, 2003

can you believe this? the month is 1/3rd over already and the year is almost done. what happened to this year? it's like, gone. i guess it seems a lot faster when you've pretty much accomplished nothing and are pretty much in the same place you were when the year started. even the whole job thing seems ages ago now, although saxy is still getting his unemployment. not much longer on that now though.

i do have an idea for the whysper 2004 design. just got to find some time to work out the details and the actual graphics and layout.

everything this week pretty much got interrupted for me because i caught my husband's cold or whatever this nasty thing is. at least it waited until after my birthday to hit and at least it hasn't been so bad yet that i can't do anything. i'm at least managing my word counts. not much else, mind you, but at least book 2 is moving along nicely at the moment. unfortunately, being sick has put the dog training think on hold again.

between my anemia, the periods that keep me up for 2 or 3 days straight, and being sick for most of the winter, i don't see myself as very employable at the moment, even if my degree was more useful than a handful of sand in the desert.

saxy being sick at the same time has made me being sick a bit more interesting: i'm sleeping on the couch so i can actually get to sleep. if i sleep upstairs with him, his snoring scares the crap out of me every time i hit that in between place where you're just about to fall asleep but you're not quite there. and the last time i did try to sleep upstairs, it was so bad that he woke me up from a deep sleep. since i can generally sleep through earthquakes, kids arguing, and the leaf blower right outside the window - all at once - right now his snoring is a truly scary thing.

why are the reports i see about the cali recall so negative? a lot of political analysts and all that rot seem to think the recall was pointless and unnecessary. the people firing someone they think is doing a bad job is pointless and unnecessary? since when do you keep someone working for you when they are doing a lousy job? i've been thinking about this a bit and i've decided that the recall was a good thing if only because it reminded a few politicians who they work for. the politicians may be able to decide what their paycheck is going to be, but we decide if they're going to actually GET that paycheck.

anybody up for recalling bush?

i've decided that, despite the economy and joblessness, we're doing okay. i'm managing payments on all our utilities and a few smaller bills. we manage to get cool stuff every now and then. we're not starving or homeless. yes, we're poor; yes, we have a ton of bills i can't pay; no, this isn't any fun; but we're surviving and sometimes just that much is a good thing. my bill pile is smaller than it was (okay, so i thinned out duplicates) and we do okay for the most part. one day it will be different. may that day come soon. in the mean time, i'm doing what i want to do. maybe one of these days i'll finally actually sell a story. and maybe next year i'll sell my novel and get a halfway decent advance for it. unlikely, but one can hope.

speaking of which, i can reapply for my mfa program. i just need to avoid genre fiction and write stories with more characterization and detail for my writing submissions. a description queen being told to add more detail. i don't know about anyone else, but i find that pretty amusing.

god, i despise being sick. soup anyone?

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