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back into the shadows
friday, september 12, 2003

it's been a long time since i gm'd (for those not in gaming: game mastered) anything. the last thing was an ad&d game - no clue how long ago. before that it was a shadowrun game. a shadowrun game that went on for 4 years. when i finally shut down due to gm burn out, people kept begging me for months to run again. i was just too damn tired. we tried a few other gm's, but the group swiftly fell apart after that.

after that i played here and there, but never ran much, and it was usually ad&d, not shadowrun or vampire.

well, our ad&d gm is finally too busy and too tired so guess who's taking over?

shadowrun, here we come!

the biggest problem is that i haven't run in quite awhile. i don't know the system as well as i used to, so am desperately trying to refresh my memory here. ad&d wouldn't really be a problem - i've played that game a loooooooong time and never switched to 3e, so i know it fairly well. yea, there's a few thing i would need to refresh on, but not too much. shadowrun is a completely different system that i have neither played, nor gm'd, as long.

course it could just be me. or the game. the first time i ever played, i ran a computer geek called a decker. later i started playing mages and whatnot. when i back to play another decker, none of the rules made any sense to me any more.

okay, so it's me.

anyway, to prep for this, i had to relocate all my characters and old notes, none of which were where i thought they were. the dice were easy to find, thank goodness, and most of the books. i finally manage to find all that and had to sort out the biggest mess, and discovered that the last time i actually ran shadowrun was 1998. lordy. but i also found some interesting memories, what little i can remember, and beloved characters, not all mine. and i found that a few of my characters are really in the shadows (i.e. they are m.i.a.) and some old runs i plan to freshen up for the new game.

nothing like recycling!

it's going to be fun playing some of these monster characters (some of them literally are monsters) again. at the same time . . . me? gm'ing shadowrun again? woaw. i feel like a new gm all over again. i mean, it's been 5 years since i last ran. you want to talk memory gap? anemia and adhd aren't conducive to remembering much of anything, especially something you haven't done in 5 years. i was already a bit too much in the overkill zone when i was running before. as a "new" gm, well, let's just say my understanding of what's too much for the pc's to take on is probably even more under developed than before.

these players are in trouble. lots of trouble.

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