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hanging tough
monday, september 1, 2003

once again we have decided that the whole wisconsin thing is out - assuming we would ever have a chance to make the move in the first place.

see, my mother called the other day and told me there was a slim chance (so slim we can barely see it) we would be getting some money from my grandmother's trust. she thought it might be about $2000 or so, enough to buy a car if we wanted. (okay, not a spectacular car, but it would, hopefully, go places.) this would be good. a car would give hubby a much better chance at getting a job, including any one of the two that would have been offered to him immediately if he had wheels to get him there on off hours. in a market as tight as cali's right now, we're severely handicapped without a vehicle.

but then i got to thinking. with that money we could send saxy to wisconsin. there would be enough to get him out there, money to get him into a hotel and to live off of for a little bit. it wouldn't be a lot, but it would be something. it would give him a chance anyway.

we talked about it and decided against it. it might be the best option for us job-wise, but there are other things that are a concern right now. saxy's mother is having health issues and his father never completely recovered from when he got hit by a truck (and, yes, i mean that literally). there are behavior issues there, a few health things going on, and the like. considering how long he was estranged from his parents, and how short of a time he's been back in touch and doing well with his relationship with them, it really is no surprise he'd rather stay in a tough job market to be there for his folks than to go to another state where he can't be there if anything should happen.

hopefully we won't have to tough it out too long. the college students should be leaving to go to their various universities. hopefully the recall will put a governor in place that will do something about the economic mess cali has become - though that will probably take more than a few years. davis has made a big enough mess to keep even the best economic recovery a long haul even with the best conditions. (okay, yes, wilson started the disaster, but davis didn't need to continue it. you see a surplus disappearing faster than you can recover even half of it, you work out where the problems are and fix it. you see the credit rating slipping, you stop doing the things that are making it slip. you see schools needing 300,000 teachers, you find a way to keep the education budget. easy? now. could i do it? probably not. but it can be done - governors before these two idiots managed it, these two should have been able to find a way too, especially with a president who apparently is driving a number of states to the brink.)

and maybe i'll get accepted to antioch and we'll be living off loan moneys for a few years. no, that won't necessarily solve everything and could make for a bigger mess later. but one hope is that i'll have a better chance at a job than i do now. and even if it's me who ends up working, at least someone is working.

speaking of which, hubby is taking something of a job hunt "break." he still checks the online ads, but he's not doing pointless running around on temps of 100 plus. i hate seeing him come home hotter than hell, frustrated to death, and . . . well, pretty close to being depressed that he can't find anything. we'll watch for jobs in the online resources we have, he'll go to apply to those places, but is otherwise going to chill it till it cools a bit.

things will get better eventually. we can make it through. i always have in the past when things were just about as bad. we can do it now. it's just a matter of hanging tough.

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