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potter gift
friday, november 29, 2002

today we went to the first of two movies we're going to for christmas: harry potter and the chamber of secrets. this is all we're doing for christmas this year: two movie matinees. no tree, no other gifts, just harry potter and the two towers.

we actually were going to delay hp because of the lovely threat of rain for the day. when it comes to the theater, which is only about 5 or 6 blocks away, we walk. for everything further than that we take the bus. while hubby has no problem going about in the rain, i do. and i have reservations over taking 4 kids out and about in the rain, especially with the cold and flu season coming on. the word was we were going to get rain, and last night we did. so i called linnorm and told him not to worry about bringing them home early.

then, this morning, it looked like things were clearing up and we decided to go after all. fortunately linnorm and children were awake. he picked us up, we went and handled bank biz, and then we walked home.

we just missed the rain.

the movie was way cool - very well done. but the two little ones got scared, so i don't know if we'll be able to take them to number 3 when it comes out. and i certainly hope there are no bad snake dreams for any of them. poor little shebop started shaking until i put her on my lap!

i had to keep reminding myself that this was a children's movie for the most part. there were quite a few kids in the theater. problem is most of the kids behaved better than the parents! the only exception was a child that the father really needed to take home regardless of how much he spent on the damn tickets. she did know shebop, but we had our seating all set and this little girl wanted to sit next to shebop. i had to tell her three times that, no, my oldest was sitting there. then she wanted to sit in the same seat as shebop. no way were going to have the two giggling and whispering and disturbing everyone in the theater, so i again said no. the little girl returns to her father who tells her three times to sit down and she refused. he finally sat her down, and she jumps up screaming, "no!" then whines, "where's my candy?" i can only assume he gave it to her, because she sat down shortly after.

what is it with parents who give up their parenthood?

another adult chose to give us the vibration version of the theater seats.

you know, my kids aren't perfect angels, but it is events like these that make me so proud of how well behaved they all are, even taz who has less control than most kids. they know if they get out of line, we won;t care about moneys spent, we're outta there. i do not tolerate misbehavior, even in public. maybe especially in public.

at any rate, other than a the one spot where the little ones had some difficulty, the movie was pretty cool. saxy and i had watched oprah yesterday so knew we needed to wait until the end of the credits to leave because there's a short bit after all that is over (very short). we ended up being the only ones waiting for the credits to end, but we got a chuckle at the little final bit they had.

and just a note: too late to wish for no nightmares. little shebop just woke up crying. i have her settled again, but i better go and make myself available for the next one. just in case her guardian angel stefani isn't enough. besides, i'm tired. it was a long day, really.

and, yes, it's also about 10:30 p.m. sigh.

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