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monday, november 11, 2002

well, i may not be writing, but i am getting things done. mind you, i'm getting them done at god awful hours when i should be in bed, but i am quite awake (although it's almost 5 a.m. and i have yet to sleep - yea, i know: bad domy, bad, bad, bad domy). besides, i wanted to get something done that i knew i could do.

oh yes, we are still bashing ourselves for our inability to write a story someone will actually pay to publish.

anyway, i finally finished the layout for wm for 2003. now i only have a month and a half to wait and use it. lol. but seriously, i think i like it almost as much as this one and the one from last year, neither of which i felt i could find a design i like as much. i think this one remains my favorite, with last year's a close second. topping all three for 2004 is a challenge i most definitely can wait on.

the new design was a bit of a pain. i had to color the clip art and that took a bit to figure out even using the easiest settings i could find in psp. then i had erasing to do since i discovered some of the clip art didn't work as is on the design. finally came putting all the pieces together. on the whole the thing took about a week - much longer than i usually take to design a page. uploading to check for resolution and etcetera was a real bitch since my host's ftp is being as slow as it possibly can be without being nonexistent. i sooo want to go back to phpwebhosting when i can afford it!

now for you smart people who know how this site works (all two of you): NO PEEKING.

yea, right. like that's going to work.

i also got another hostee greymatter set up tonight. i swear i have done so many gm's i can practically set them up in my sleep now. the graphics aren't mine, but i figured out how to work with them. side borders really are not conducive to blogs, but it isn't my blog so i used what she picked.

and i started the set up for yet another .net hostee - miss d for her dog training site.

so, no writing - which is probably a bad thing, but plenty of web work finally getting done, which is definitely a good thing.

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