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wednesday, june 12, 2002

it's over. well, almost.

this morning i did my one and only test final for the quarter. i'm not sure how well i did on it. i tried one essay question, but found it hard to separate from another one that i knew fairly well (i think) so had to go to a different one so they would end up being two separate essays. and, of course, the one i knew the best was NOT on the test. professors seem to be perverse that way.

as for the other classes, no news in yet (not until the 24th, i think), but i am certain i passed shakespeare with a low a/high b. that was my one class i was worried about. the reading was so hard to just keep up with, forget the quizzes and papers. but i think i made it through. and they liked the short reading i managed of my short - i had to make extra copies of the "final" for the class. ;) my only issues in the poetry class were the tardies, and i made those up with extra poems as requested. i think i may end up with a high b in the am lit class.

so all that's left are the two papers for the class i got an incomplete in last quarter. easy papers, but i am flat out exhausted. so, we'll see how that goes. i have until about the 20th or 25th of july to finish them. but, as tired as i am, that isn't as far away as it seems.

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