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thursday, august 23, 2001
writing sucks

this does not mean i agree i am talented, just that i am as neurotic as the talented. i just happen to have a lot less to show for it. but i am creative, i can't NOT be creative. i have been writing for over 20 years, drawing on and off for even longer. i may be "new" to web design, but i love it - it's creative. but most of all, as i am sure you have guessed from my site, i write.

and writing sucks.

i can't NOT write, i HAVE TO write.

but sucks.

it sucks because....

for every person who likes your stuff, there will be a dozen others who can't stand it even if they like your genre.

for every three reviews, at least one will be so horrible that it cancels out all the good stuff in the other two.

computers eat things...usually the last thing you wrote and failed to print.

writing is hard. really. writing itself isn't so hard unless you have carpal tunnel, but really good writing is brain blowing.

when you are a good writer and have a handle on your language usage, no one gets it when you do things deliberately. really, i meant to put that comma there and i wanted to make a distinct tense change.

-inging. is it really all that bad? to some it is. with me it is 'had'. some authors just 'had' the reader to death.

writing means reading because if you don't read your writing will not sound educated. or so people say.

most people aren't reading anyway.

people assume anyone can get published. the reality is 3 out of 10,000 manuscripts are actually published each year.

maybe 2 iin 10 of those will make any money. so all of you who love me have to buy every copy you can find so i can be declared a success. ;)

an english degree is pretty much only good for teaching english and writing. and sometimes you have to wonder about the writing part.

and yet, with all this stacked against me...i have to write. i can't not write..there's too much in my head. writing is cheap too! well, at least it doesn't cost $400 per program with at least 4 said programs needed to even get just costs me about $400 in paper a year (but that's a good price! paying less than a penny per page - and i don't even use it all!).

i have all this stuff in my head just dying to get out in writing.

and in case you haven't figured it out, yes, got 2 new mediocre reviews at del rey and am awaiting reviews from my hatrack group.

i swear to you, writing sucks.


(well, only sometimes...usually right after a mediocre to sucky review at del rey and right before i post a new piece anywhere.)

yep, neurotic. and wishy-washy to boot. gotta love me..especially in my weird moods.

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