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monday, june 11, 2001
last day

today was officially the last day of classes and freedom never looked so good! i haven't made the man-bashing class for a few days, they aren't covering the final and all we'd be doing is sitting listening to a bunch of people give short presentations on their final papers. each day is worth 1 point of extra credit. sorry, my grade is not so close that the 2 points of sitting during boring mini-speeches when i would rather be sleeping isn't going to make much of a difference. so i bailed that class as of last week some time. that left the poetry analyses class and fiction class today, both fairly easy days actually.

in poetry analyses the prof did a beginning to end analyses of a poem so we'd have a clue for the final. not that i am worried, it's open book, open notes and "encouraged to bring a dictionary" type test. that i can deal with. i'll reorganize my notes sometime between tonight and tomorrow so i'm all ready for it on wednesday. i don't think i did well on the final paper, but i am still not too worried: everything else i have in the class is an a except for, maybe, attendance. but with the amount of participation to my credit when i am there, i doubt my attendance is going to be a big issue. i have a clue, that may be all i have, but that's better than some.

in my fiction class, well, i hardly know what to say. we did editing of other people's second drafts for the final draft due with the portfolio for friday's final. it is really sad when you have better grammar and spelling skills than the person assigned to review your work. and on at least one of them i highly question whether or not the editor really read the piece. some of their suggestions may work, but overall the piece would definitely lose impact.

at any rate, with all that done, i am down to the 3 finals: poetry on wednesday at noon, man-bashing 101 friday at 8 (eeeewwwww) and fiction friday at 2. then finito for the summer, thank god. i have way too much to handle over the summer and it's all backed up already:

vom ~ i need to get this back up before my subbers lynch me

domynoe's and dominodesigns ~ the new layout was put up early (cuz i knew it wouldn't go up at all if i didn't do it now), so now i need to finish the revamp. eloquence is in progress at the moment.

friday night game stuff ~ both working on the game and starting the drafts for the novels, which includes transcribing the game sessions. wooo!

monday night game stuff (which may be switching to another night) ~ similar to above, but since it's online, saving the chats saves the work of transcribing. (btw, i need release forms

possibly game 3 for the summer ~ don't ask, i don't know anything other than another group is in needed of a gm...they just need to email me...

writing, writing, writing, reviewing, writing some more ~ i have one novel going through overhaul this summer, and to get it reviewed over in the del rey workshop i have to do reviews.

kids' stuff ~ helping with new websites and all that.

no, i won't be busy this i am also signing up to be a quill over at tsf's inkwell.

on a side note, you would figure that the last day of classes i would be late. this was not by choice. everything was on time and running smoothly until we got to the one set of tracks still in use between home and the school, and there was a train literally just sitting there. every so often it would roll s - l - o - w - l - y forward (i could seriously walk faster than it was going), then stop again. it sat there for over a half an hour and, as a consequence, i was a good 15 or 20 minutes late.

some days public transportation just sucks.

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