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thursday, may 31, 2001
busy, busy, busy

we have just way too much going on in this house right now. here's what the last 2 weeks of my quarter look like (other than nightmarish):

today: kitten goes to a counseling appointment. seems her teachers feel she is having some social problems at school. i can see it, really i can, but they seem normal to me. but, then, i was a social problem and i turned out ok. i'm more worried about grades. i am going with her as a good mama should.

tomorrow (june 1): taz has a pre-op appointment. he gets too many ear infections, so we're getting tubes in his ears. i am missing class to go to that. i also have a paper due in the class i am missing, will email it to the instructor sometime tonight or tomorrow, and take it in on monday in case his computer hates ms word 2000 or whatever version i have with win98 s.e. i also have the second game for my uncrowned rpg, and far more people than i ever expected for the thing, and maybe more than i can fit in my kitchen. definitely more than will fit my living room if only because we have no seating in the living room. also will be paying rent tomorrow (not the upped rent, which happens in july) and sending out packages to friends in canada and elsewhere in the states.

over this weekend i have 6 poems, a poetry analyses paper and 6 chapters to get through. i also have a 5 page story to tweak and a 15 page story to reedit then tweak, but they can wait till the middle of next week...i think.

papers due 6/1, 6/11 (x2)

monday is the online game which will probably fall by the wayside again with the end of the quarter madness hitting.

the 5th is my son's operation and i will be home that day and the following to take care of him. we are keeping home from school until the following week. last day to deal with anything scholastically is the 11th, and i have finals the 13th and 15th with a game the night of the 15th.

i like a busy life but this is insane. for the next 2 weeks i almost can't breath there's so much going on. plus i am still slowly reworking this site and have vom to work on (both of which are primary for my summer activities).

but on top of all this my body is being premenstrual a week after the last cycle ended. i am trying not to be too concerned, not like i have time to be too concerned at the moment. i am sleeping a little more (which is good), trying to eat us out of house and home (ok, this could be bad but...), and attacking my husband a bit more often (ok, a lot more often, makes up for all the food i'm eating). either i am hitting the prime of life, too stressed for my body to know what the heck is going on or premenopausal. whatever it is, i can't look into it until june or july at the earliest. and since i am not hurting anything (questionable reasoning there since i think hubby is now wishing he hadn't wished for a wife with a a higher libido than next to dead) and not in any pain, it will just have to wait as quietly as possible at this point.

and before anybody asks, no, i do not cyber. *rolls eyes*

now...going to grab a nap since i was up all night. i missed being here at whysper...but i was moving stuff and just wouldn't put up a new entry till i had. sorry bout that folks. hopefully whysper will soon be back on a somewhat regular schedule...if not in the next 2 weeks shortly thereafter.

but just in case i disappear for another 10 days or so, i am probably not dead—just buried alive under an avalanche of last minute assignments that the profs seem determined to hand out these last 2 weeks. wait till after the 15th. if you haven't heard from me by then, send in the calvary. that avalanche may have taken over.

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