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friday 11.17.2000
get set

i am all registered for january classes, and i got all the classes i wanted and managed to avoid shakespeare. i have to take this class eventually, but it can wait awhile. shakespeare is hard, very hard for me. i was struggling with it prior leaving the university almost 2 years ago. i aced one paper. the rest? don't ask. and i aced the paper because i was able to take shakespeare and relate it to psychology. i am good at psych. unless of course i am anemic and sick. then i'm not good at much of anything. at any rate, i registered today and got the classes i wanted. after all the registration delays i was a bit worried about that. all morning classes, but i can live with that i think. (and did i mention no shakespeare?) my automatic deposit set up came through this week as well, so when the grants and loans show up, they will just plunk themselves into my account.

i am actually starting to feel excited about this. nervous still, but excited as well. i loved going back when i finally returned to college after a ten+ year break. i love learning. i think that's why i look at life as a learning experience more than anything else. something can be learned out of both the best and the worst of circumstances, as well as everything in between. i try to take something good from every experience. i know that sounds pretty corny, but its true. whether i actually can distill something i learned, or i am just enriched by the experience in ways i can't articulate, i try to value every experience. and the educational experience is something else. i have loved not only learning in the individual subjects, but have really enjoyed seeing how they all tie together somewhere eventually. i mean EVERYTHING is connected somewhere.

i am still worried about my ability to get through, especially with so much going on in the house to easily distract me. as one friend says, i think too much, and i am looking at a variety of things impacting our family right now: unemployment, loss of medical insurance (which of course will take away my adhd medication right when i REALLY need it), one teen and one preteen - both of whom are going through the emotional crazies, my son is having a few adjustment problems (he returned to school, he didn't get a full does of his meds one day), and, of course, the usual financial tangles i am trying desperately to keep untangled...or at least in check until i can start paying on a regular bases. heck, i plan to annihilate a few debts with the loan money in january...after i get some decent clothes. i need to clear out a few of my lesser credit cards and get them closed. and put a buffer on one other for the sites i host as well as for school supplies and books.

anyway, hopefully saxy will have a job by then. hopefully my friend can get me added to his insurance (yes i will pay him for it) so i don't lose my adhd meds. my son will eventually settle in ok. the teens? well, just going to have to live through that and eventually they will grow up to be responsible young ladies. in the mean time, my dear husband has to duck for a week or so every month. life is so busy over here all the time now, i can only hope i can stay focused to get through the classes. i hope my family can understand that i need to focus on getting through my classes. it all "seems" harder this time: the kids are older, i don't have the wonderful sitter i used to have, i have more health problems and other concerns. transportation is easier thank goodness!

still, i enjoy challenges. and i know i can overcome these. and with it all ready to go, there really isn't any turning back now. so on to overcoming...and learning!

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